In the dynamic world of hairdressing, scissors are indispensable tools. Their sharp blades and precise engineering make them invaluable for creating stunning hairstyles. However, their very sharpness also necessitates a strong focus on safety. This comprehensive guide delves into the best practices for ensuring scissors safety in the hairdressing salon, catering to both seasoned professionals and apprentices.


Understanding Scissor Safety

The first step towards ensuring safety in the salon is recognizing the potential hazards associated with hairdressing scissors. These tools, designed for precision cutting, can cause injury if not used or handled correctly. Both experienced hairdressers and those new to the field must understand and respect the power of these tools to ensure a safe working environment.

1. Proper Handling Techniques

Proper handling is fundamental for safety. Hairdressing scissors should always be held by the handle and never by the blade. When passing scissors, always offer them handle-first to avoid the risk of cutting yourself or others. This practice should be a reflex action, embedded in daily routine.


2. Maintaining Focus and Awareness

Distractions in a busy salon are common, but when using scissors, complete focus is essential. A split-second lapse in concentration can lead to mistakes, potentially causing injury. It's crucial to maintain a high level of awareness, especially during intricate cuts or when working close to the skin.

3. Controlled and Deliberate Cutting

The way you cut is as important as how you hold the scissors. Fast, hurried movements are more likely to lead to accidents. Slow down and make each cut deliberately. Not only does this improve the quality of the haircut, but it also significantly reduces the likelihood of slipping or making an unintended cut.

4. Safe Storage and Accessibility

Proper storage of scissors is vital for safety. When not in use, scissors should be stored in a safe, designated place, such as a pouch, holder, or magnetic strip. This keeps them out of harm's way, prevents them from being dropped or causing accidental injury, and also protects the blades from damage.

Maintenance for Optimal Safety

Maintaining scissors is as much about ensuring safety as it is about preserving their functionality. Dull, poorly maintained scissors are more than just inefficient - they can be hazardous.

1. The Importance of Regular Sharpening

Sharp scissors are safe scissors. Blunt blades require more force to cut, increasing the risk of slipping and causing injury. Regular sharpening keeps the blades at optimal performance and minimises the effort required to make clean cuts. It's recommended to have scissors professionally sharpened to maintain their precision and safety.

2. Cleaning for Safety and Hygiene

Regular cleaning of scissors is essential. Hair remnants, product residue, and oils can accumulate on the blades and pivot points, impacting the scissors' performance and increasing the risk of slipping or malfunction. Clean scissors after each use with a soft cloth and periodically use a professional-grade scissor cleaner for a thorough clean.

3. Tension Adjustment for Control

Scissors with improper tension are difficult to control and can lead to accidents. Regularly checking and adjusting the tension ensures that the scissors operate smoothly and with the right amount of resistance. This not only improves cutting precision but also enhances safety by ensuring the scissors behave predictably during use.


Scissors safety is a critical aspect of hairdressing that goes beyond mere technique. It encompasses the care and maintenance of the tools, the organisation of the workspace, and the ongoing education and awareness of all salon staff. By adhering to these best practices, hairdressers can ensure a safe and efficient working environment, reflecting professionalism and care in every aspect of their work.

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